Friday, 23 December 2016

Best Places to Rent for Foodies

For many people, food is one of the best things. Many want to go out and try all the great and new foods out there. Well, you’re in luck, because now you can do so. This article will go over the real link between those that love food, and some of the best locations in Texas, and where you can live for a bit just to try it out.

The first, is beyond barbecue in Texas. This usually goes for anywhere between 1100 to 2 grand each month, and there are many apartments out there. This building however has a lot of modern studios, with one or two bedroom units. Residents have a salon given to them, along with a blowout studio, a pet grooming station, and even a fitness center open at all hours. This will put you right near the restaurants that are in Dallas’ food scene, including a classroom setting food place, and even urban taco places. Plus barbecue is great here, and it’s the real link in some cases as to why people even come here to live. 

Then there is LA, which can go anywhere from two grand to 6 grand each month, and with these buildings, you’ll have a revamped apartment setting with some great studio lots, including access to a dog park, a rooftop pool, and even a media room. Often, these lofts are within walking distance to the eclectic sort of dining scene in LA. Everything from diners, to dessert places, to even sushi and Thai, you’ll get your fix and it’s the real link in many cases to why there’s a whole hodgepodge of people out there in this area. 

Now, for many people, pancakes are one of the best things out there. Well, there’s a great place out in Anaheim, where you can get a three-bedroom, three and a half bath townhouse right on Lincoln avenue, which is located next to the house of pancakes location, and it’s within walking distance from many vegan restaurants.  You’ll definitely want to check out this stainless steel kitchen in these homes as well.

Finally, there is another culinary delight in san Jose, which only continues to grow.  The units in these areas typically go from one to three bedrooms, with anywhere from one to almost here bathrooms, and it’s right near Pedro square market, which has so many restaurant options including a noodle place, and even a burger bar. There are also farmer’s markets nearby so you can cook in your apartment as well. The residents there have a communal lounge and a pool on the roof, with a great view too.

If food is your calling and is something that you enjoy, look no further. Foodies will love these various places, for there are so many to choose from in these locals. Check this out if you’re willing to throw down the money on this. It is expensive, but if food is your calling, try it.